Confidence - (24-25.05 2011 Krakow)
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Potwierdzony został także termin CONFidence X – majowej edycji w 2012. Konferencja odbędzie się 23-24 Maja 2012 w postfabrycznym klimacie przepompowni wody w Bielanach w Krakowie.

Spotkanie OWASP Poland Local Chapter


Serdecznie zapraszamy wszystkich zainteresowanych na spotkanie OWASP Poland Local Chapter, poświęcone tematyce bezpieczeństwa aplikacji webowych.

Czas: 23 listopada 2011, 18.00 – 20.00

Miejsce:  Krakowski Park Technologiczny (Al. Jana Pawła II 41 L), sala konferencyjna na III piętrze.

Ewentualne zmiany będą publikowane na stronie:, prosimy o sprawdzenie przed przybyciem.



  • 18.00 – 19.00 Wybrane podatności w webowych interfejsach zarządzających urządzeń sieciowych – Michał Sajdak, Securitum
  • 19.00 – 19.15 Przerwa / networking
  • 19.15 – 19.25 Narzędzia OWASP dla developerów. Krótkie wprowadzenie do OWASP ESAPI i AppSensor – Wojciech Dworakowski
  • 19.25 – 20.00 Bezpieczeństwo CouchDB – Paweł Krawczyk

Sponsorem spotkania jest firma Securitum.

OWASP – To międzynarodowa organizacja non-profit, której celem jest poprawia bezpieczeństwa aplikacji webowych. Cel ten stara się osiągnąć publikując nieodpłatne opracowania i narzędzia zarówno dla tworzących jak i dla testujących aplikacje. OWASP organizuje również konferencje i lokalne spotkania poświęcone tematyce bezpieczeństwa aplikacji.

Zarządzasz bezpieczeństwem aplikacji? Jesteś pentesterem? Programistą aplikacji webowych? Przechodziłeś audyt bezpieczeństwa? Masz inne ciekawe doświadczenia związane z bezpieczeństwem aplikacji webowych? Wyślij maila z propozycją prezentacji na i podziel się swoją wiedzą!

CONFidence Team at the CCC Camp

CCC Camp Logo

So it happened. Every 4 years CCC organizes a camp, not just an usual event, but a “five-day open-air event for hackers and associated life-forms”.

Almost 4 thousand enthusiasts, not only hackers, but also everyone related to the high-tech industry and research ranging from simple electronics to rocket builders…

CCC Camp Aerial

CCC Camp consisted of: 126 separate villages, 100 projects, 90 workshops, located in an Aero Museum near Berlin…

Two years ago, we were at HAR, since then our team has grown, so this time CONFidence Crew of 10 joined the Camp and we hung around with Hackers on a Plane at the Neighbor Camp

CCC Camp CONFidence Team

In the meantime the lectures began in two tracks, everyday, in two hangars. Quite an unusual environment…

Topics covered during the presentations ranged from general topics like, Sport für Nerds by Michael Schwab, Life foods by Frantisek Apfelbeck, or Tempo/Rhythm/Echo extraction from Music by Werner Van Belle, through topics related to Hackers Space Program to IT security related topics like: Decentralized clustering by Herr Urbach, GPRS Intercept (Wardriving phone networks) by Karsten Nohl and Luca Melette or Black Ops of TCP/IP 2011 by Dan Kaminsky. The lectures lasted for 5 days and the schedule and additional materials are published here.

There were also talks related to the change in lifestyles, politics, society structures and the future of mankind. Topics like Imagine the Future of Money or Counter-lobbying in the EU Parliament. So everyone could find something interesting…

Besides the lectures, camp was all about meeting people, and exchanging ideas… and enjoying all the social activities and ideas.

CCC Camp CONFidence Team 2

We also had our input as on Friday we prepared an open Polish Cuisine Day, with a little taste of our traditional products…

This cams was a remarkable experience for everybody. We just can’t wait till the next edition…

CONFidence Team

CCC Camp Q3 Map

p.s. If you’ve  missed the camp itself, there is hope as we have prepared a special CCC Camp Map for Quake 3 Arena. It is available here. Just grab it and lauch in Q3 along with your friends and enjoy…

Materiał prasowy

Zapraszamy do obejrzenia materiału prasowego z konferencji.

World of Ethical Hackers Revs Up – Invitation to Hacktivity 2011


On September 17-18, 2011, Hacktivity, the largest hacker conference in Central and Eastern Europe will be held again, this time at Millenáris. The two-day conference will have a real festival mood, presentations, workshops, games, the Central and Eastern European finals of the Global CyberLympics, hardware hacking, a party in the evening and 1000+ hackers from all over the world!

Hacktivity, the oldest Hungarian independent IT security conference, which has become truly international by now, will be held for the 8th time this year. As usual, speakers will include the most prominent representatives of IT security. It is a major professional achievement to give a presentation at the conference therefore IT experts have had to apply to be selected as a speaker for years now. This year over 60 applications were sent from 15 countries to the programme committee of which the best 28 were chosen by the jury.

Similarly to previous years, this year’s two keynote speakers are real stars in their fields of expertise. Saturday will open with Hungarian-born Peter Szor who lives in the US and is justly called the Father of Virus Protection. His 650-page book „The Art of Computer Virus Research and Defense”, recently published in Hungarian, is not only a highly scientific work but also the most extensive study written about computer viruses to date. Peter Szor graduated from the University of Veszprém, Hungary as an IT specialist and wrote his first anti-virus software called Pasteur in the 1990s (also used by OTP Bank at the time). In 1996 he was hired by the predecessor of F-Secure in Finland, then became a leading engineer at Symantec in 1999 and recently joined McAfee. At CARO (Computer AntiVirus Researcher’s Organization) he worked together with many security researchers including John McAfee, Mikko Hypponen or Eugene Kaspersky. Peter Szor is the author of over 40 inventions and patents on computer virus detection and intrusion prevention.

Sunday’s keynote speaker is Raoul „Nobody” Chiesa from Italy, the well-known European cyber crime expert. In the 1980s and 90s he was one of the first Italian hackers then in 1997 he founded Srl, a vendor-neutral security consulting company. Since 2003 he has co-operated with the UN agency “UNICRI” (United Nations Interregional Crime and Justice Research Institute) and in 2010 he was selected among the 30 European top security expert to assist the ENISA Director until 2012 at the PSG, Permanent Stakeholders Group.

And that’s not all when it comes to foreign speakers. Vivek Ramachandran, founder of, will come from India, Joseph McCray, Air Force veteran and winner of multiple awards by EC-Council, will arrive from the US, Ertunga Arsal, SAP expert and Alexander Kornbrust, Oracle expert will come from Germany. Pavol Luptak is Head of the Slovakian OWASP and Michele Orru, penetration tester for the Royal Bank of Scotland will come from Italy. In addition to the renowned foreign specialists there will be numerous prominent Hungarian speakers as well including Csaba Barta, security consultant at Deloitte Zrt. who was voted best speaker at Hackers Halted and who will speak about Computer Forensics, László Tóth, internationally recognized database security expert also from Deloitte Zrt., László Klock from who is the winner of last year’s Hacktivity Wargame and will deliver a presentation on his research on virtualization security, and Péter Bodor, Associate Professor at Eötvös Loránd University, who will talk about the connection between the increasingly popular method of social engineering and psychology.

Beside the presentations plenty of other programmes will await participants such as interactive hello workshops, hardware hacking lockpicking, i.e. unlocking a lock without a key, and ardunio testing, games: Wargame, CTF, hacker’s path, ancient computers reborn, a wild party Saturday evening and for the first time this year the Central and Eastern European Finals of the Global CyberLympics at Hacktivity 2011! The global defense games organized and launched by EC-Council will have groups of 6 competing in 7 regions in the world. The finals will be held in the United States where the regional winners will be invited.

At the conference certified (CISA, CISM, CISSP) specialists can collect CPE points necessary for their licence. Due to the high interest shown in the event the organizers expect 1,000-1,200 participants this year. We have a new venue as well: this year’s conference will be held in the 4590 sqm Hall B of Millenáris where professional infrastructure, a restaurant, two large and several smaller rooms will be available. The largest room will seat 1,000 people.

Further information, the detailed program and registration:



CONFidence 2011 summary

The CONFidence conference has finished, we would like to sincerely thank all the attendees, speakers and everyone involved for joining us at this year’s edition. We hope that you enjoyed both the technical part of the conference (lectures and lockpicking workshops) and the special chill out atmosphere of the venue.

We have already closed the ESET CrackMe contest. The winner will receive a pocket book reader
( Additionally ESET decided to award all contest participants with additional licences for ESET software. Winners will be contacted directly via e-mail. The slides from the lectures and photos from the conference have already been uploaded onto the official conference webpage. Direct links are below:

You can always check our photo gallery on Picassa: Soon we will also publish the the video coverage from the conference. We encourage you to post feedback and further thoughts on the conference on our web 2.0 channels: twitter:

We also encourage you to download the newest edition of Securitymag, which can be found here:

Once again thank you all for attending CONFidence 2011! We hope you will join us during the next, tenth edition in 2012!

CONFidence Crew

CONFidence 2011 zakończone!

Sześć miesięcy przygotowań, dwa miesiące nerwów, dwa tygodnie zarwanych nocy – to jest CONFidence! W tym miejscu chciałbym podziękować całemu zespołowi organizatorów konferencji, którzy włożyli wiele pracy w sukces tegorocznego CONFidence.

Core Team:

  • Slawek Jabs – “Captain in charge” – event coordinator, zadziwiające jak ze spokojem udało Ci się spiąć wszystko w całość. Rachunek za środki uspokajające przyślij na adres Fundacji:)
  • Marek Nowak – “1st Mate” – opieka nad sponsorami, pilnowanie pomocników, logistyka – wow! wszystko dojechało na właściwe miejsce
  • Tomasz Cewicki – grafika i branding – przy takiej współpracy, miejsce nie ma znaczenia – każde da się przygotować do konferencji
  • Anna Kołodziejczyk – “Speakers Navigator” lub raczej “speakers first aid kit” – nasi goście będą długo wspominać 3 dni spędzone w Krakowie, z których nie wiele pamiętają:)
  • Jakub Kozioł – “Treasures Guardian” lub raczej “naczelny sportowiec fundacji”, miał grać w reprezentacji Polski ale skład zespołu nie gwarantował równouprawnienia i zdecydował się na grę wraz z pomocnikami w drużynie Fundacji:) 30 pomocników pracowało bez zarzutu – dzięki!
  • Emilia Staszczak – “Scribe” czyli “człowiek usunięta kolejka” – całość tłumu udało się sprawnie i przyjemnie rozładować
  • Kasia Podgórska – jeśli masz pytanie o faktury, rozliczenia to jest właściwa osoba do kontaktu.

Goons (co grali z nami w piłkę i pomagali wszystkim na miejscu konferencji):

  • Michał Bar
  • Maciej Bieniasz
  • Marcin Bieniasz
  • Justyna Bień
  • Daniel Bogdan
  • Kinga Gruszkowska
  • Marta Horowic
  • Joanna Kapłon
  • Jarosław Karpiel
  • Paweł Kazirodek
  • Jessica Korfel
  • Karolina Kostiuczuk
  • Magda Krzak
  • Marek Nawierski
  • Marcelina Nowak
  • Piotr Olech
  • Karolina Pachel
  • Bartek Skrzyński
  • Dorota Studzińska
  • Rafał Trójniak
  • Łukasz Winiarczyk
  • Piotr Wydrych
  • Jarosław Zięcik
  • Ewa Zuba

Na koniec chciałbym podziękować komitetowi organizacyjnemu, który pomaga nam doprowadzić konferencję do miejsca w jakim się znajduje:

  • Łukasz Bromirski,
  • Jakub Dębski,
  • Janusz Niewiadomski,
  • Jarosław Sajko,
  • …*

Dziękuje Wam wszystkim i do zobaczenia za rok!
Andrzej Targosz, prezes Fundacji PROIDEA

Konferencja zakończona!

Dziewiąta edycja konferencji CONFidence została zakończona. To jednak nie koniec atrakcji, jako że wciąż czekamy na rozwiązania ESET CRACKME. W najbliższym czasie opublikujemy także raport z pola walki w turnieju HP…

ESET CRACKME and REVERSEME – Two contest counted in CONFidence Triathlon

Below you can find description of two contests:

1. ESET CrackMe.

The objective is to either:
  • to find usename+password combination that will display “Congratulations” message box (in that case also short description how it was obtained should be provided)
  • OR provide keygen, that will generate proper password for given username
No patching/in-memory-modification allowed.

The file is located at:

Results should be sent to:


It’s time to start the Confidence 2011 ReverseMe contest. The malware for analysis has been finally provided and can be downloaded from here:

Password for the archive is: reverseme

Contest is closed on 9:00 AM, Wednesday 25 May

If you’ve any questions please don hesitate and ask. Use the email address (polish or english).

3. Check out the crazy Treasure Hunt contest!

Informacje o CONFidence 2011

CONFidence 2011 rozpoczyna się już jutro!! Chciałbym przypomnieć o CONFidence’owym BeforeParty które rozpocznie się już dzisiaj o godzinie 22 na tarasie hotelu Pod Wawelem!! Serdecznie zapraszamy na imprezę która na pewno wprowadzi Was w klimat CONFidence’a. Także przypominamy o busach które będą zawoziły uczestników na miejsce konferencji.

Miejsce odjazdu i godzina:

Parking pod hotelem Sheraton – busy będą kursowały od godziny 8:15 do 10:00 i jeden od 15:30

Plac Matejki – od godziny 10:00