Confidence - (24-25.05 2011 Krakow)
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CONFidence – IT Security Event

CONFidence is an annual IT security conference that will take place on 24-25th May, 2011 in Krakow, Poland for the 9th time! The best speakers, latest issues, laid-back atmosphere and Krakow crazy night life – that is why CONFidence has become a meeting point of hackers’ community in Europe.

The core of CONFidence is a two-day conference with workshops, but the whole event is so much more. CONFidence offers not only the best speakers, current topics and top trainings, but (even more importantly) great parties, cool contests, crazy social events and a time and space to meet community members face-to-face, talk, drink and hack. Previous editions included stay in a Hackers’ Squad, Hacking Contests, Hackers for Charity Roulette and big After Party. What will happen this year? Check out yourself!

The first CONFidence conference was organized in 2005 as a project created by a group of Polish enthusiasts committed to improving the security of IT applications. Since those early years it has evolved into the largest meeting of hackers in Poland that annually gathers almost 500 participants: IT security professionals from government, industry, banking sector and academia as well as researchers and developers.

Since 2006 CONFidence assembles not only the best specialists from Poland but also attendees and number-one speakers from all around the world. Every year our attendees come from most European countries as well as US to see such experts as Bruce Schneier, Dan Kaminsky, Jacob Appelbaum, Daniel Mende, David Hulton, Chris Palmer, Jesse Burns, Shawn Merdinger, Anton Chuvakin, Richard Bejtlich, Raoul Chiesa, Felix Lindner, Alexander Kornbrust, Dinis Cruz, Joanna Rutkowska, Gynvael Coldwind, Travis Omandy and many other excellent speakers. CONFidence is much more than just a conference, it is an ongoing project driven by the security community. It is also a stop for an elite Hackers on a Plane initiative.

Conference takes place two times a year:

  • CONFidence main event is held in May in Krakow, Poland
  • CONFidence 2.0 is a mobile event taking place in different east-central Eurupean capital cities every year in autumn.