Confidence - (24-25.05 2011 Krakow)
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Below you can find basic information about contests, which will be held during the CONFidence 2011 conference.

CONFidence 2011 REVERSME


  • Objective
  • The objective of the contest is completing the following task:
    On a infected computer a program that sends some information from that computer has been found. The information is encrypted. You need to find out what kind of information the program is sending and what type are they.

  • Organizer
  • The contest is organized the PROIDEA Foundation and

  • Participation
  • Every attendee of the CONFidence 2011 conference can become a participant of the contest.

  • Application
  • You can participate in the contest by sending an e-mail with your name, surname, e-mail address and your teams name (if team application) to contest{@} Individual and team applications are allowed however in case of a team application there will be only one prize.

  • Contest Description
  • The participants will be informed via e-mail of the date and means of downloading the contest content.

    The deadline for sending your answers is 20:00, 24th of May.

    Please send your answers and any questions concerning the contest to contest{@}
    The first participant that sends the correct answer will be the winner.

  • Prizes
  • The person or team which sends the correct answer first will receive the prize.

    Among the other participants and teams who have solved the answer correctly consolation prizes will be drawn.

  • Final Provisions
  • In matters concerning the contest the organizer has full authority. The organizers decisions are unquestionable The organizer has the right to:

    Cancel the contest
    Changing the contests task.

Gringo Warrior


We will begin the second day of the conference with a Gringo Warrior lockpicking contest. However the number of participants will be limited so we will use the first come first served rule on the second day.

Gringo Warrior is a scenario-based lockpicking game. Set in a hypothetical kidnapping situation, participants are placed in custody of fictional captors who are holding them against their will and extorting money or some other ransom.

Instead of complying with their demands, participants use lockpicks, assorted tools, or even improvised items like paperclips and beer cans in order to affect their escape through a variety of impediments.

Starting out in handcuffs, players in Gringo Warrior have to free themselves from these shackles, then escape from the “room” in which they are being held… essentially, they simply have to open a locked doorknob. In this scenario, their captors have taken the player’s wallet/passport and have it locked in a filing cabinet. If the participant chooses, he or she may try to open this lock as well. There is one more door lock between them and freedom, but it is a deadbolt and slightly harder than the previous one. Ultimately, if the kidnap victim makes it outside the last door, they even have the option of attempting an automotive lock in order to make use of one of the captors’ vehicles as they escape to freedom.


More info and a backstory for the contest can be found on

ESET Crackme


As always during the CONFidence conference, we will publish on our webpage a special application prepared by the ESET team.

The objective is to either:

  • to find usename+password combination that will display “Congratulations” message box (in that case also short description how it was obtained should be provided)
  • OR provide keygen, that will generate proper password for given username

No patching/in-memory-modification allowed.

Winner will be awarded a prize at the end of the conference. The prize goes to the fastest person who submits the correct solution.

Good vs. Evil aka Kev. vs. Tsu.

Unique Contest held for the first time at CONFidence. See details here.