Confidence - (24-25.05 2011 Krakow)
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Leisure Zone

Lockpicking village


During CONFidence 2011 conference you can take part in lectures and mini-workshops related to physical security.

Lockpicking specialists Deviant Ollam and Babak Javadi, will discuss the security of IT Systems on the low level physical security including locks and security doors. In addition to the lectures, we will prepare a special booth where people can test their skills in the struggle with standard locks, padlocks and handcuffs.


For the adventurous, we will prepare a contest in which you have to beat a whole bunch of security systems and show that being an expert in security requires not only computer skills, but also practical knowledge of intrusion prevention.

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Lecture on lockpicking will be held in the first presentation block at the conference. Workshops will begin on the first day of the conference after the disscusion panel .