Confidence - (24-25.05 2011 Krakow)
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Travel and Accommodation

How to get to the CONFidence 2011 conference

By plane

Krakow can be reached by commercial aviation through the John Paul II International Airport Krakow-Balice. 21 airlines fly to and from Krakow including British Airways, Alitalia, Germanwings, LOT, Lufthansa and cheap airlines such as SkyEurope, Ryanair, easyJet and centralwings.

When choosing a flight, please consider, that you can get to Krakow either using Balice airport as a destination or a Pyrzowice airport (near a Katowice city, 80kms from Krakow) or Warsaw (Chopin airport). If you decide to land in Pyrzowice, you can use a special bus to Krakow afterwards. If you land in Warsaw, you will have to switch to train, which takes about 3 hours to get to Krakow with.

Details about flight travel costs from different countries can be found here

You can go from the airport to the city centre by:

  • Train

    The train stop is located app. 200 m from the passenger terminal ( 5 minute walk)

    It will take you 20 minutes and cost 6 PLN (less than 2EU) to get to the Krakow Main Station

  • Bus

    The 192 bus stop is located directly at the roundabout, in front of the passenger terminal. The trip to the Main Station takes app. 35 minutes. The ticket can be purchased at the ticket machine on the bus stop for 2,5 PLN (less than 1EU)

  • Taxi

    There are always taxis waiting for the passengers in front of the airport. The average price for a ride to the city centre is 50 PLN (around 15EU)

    Find out more on John Paul II International Airport Krakow-Balice web page.

By train

You can also travel to Krakow by train from main Polish cities such as Warsow, Wroclaw, Poznan, Gdansk and several cities in Europe. There is direct connection from Berlin, Wien, Prague etc.

Search for your connection here (your destination is Krakow Glowny).

How to get to the venue?

You can travel to the conference venue by means of public transport.

  • Bus lines 209, 229, 239, 249, 259, 269 from Salwator bus stop to Wodociągi bus stop (request stop)
  • Bus lines 109, 279, 289 from Cracovia bus stop to Wodociągi bus stop (request stop)

For your convinience we have aranged buses that will be available for traveling to and from the Conference Venue BUS Departing Times: 24th May Direction: Conference Venue Departing from: Parking in front of Sheraton Hotel From 8:15 till 10:00 – buses will be departing in 15 minute intervals – and another one at 15:30 Departing from: Matejki’s Square From 10:00 Direction: Krakow Center Departing from: Conference Venue parking 15:00, 18:20, 18:50, 19:15 25th May Direction: Conference Venue Departing from: Parking in front of Sheraton Hotel From 8:15 till 10:00 – buses will be departing in 15 minute intervals – and another one at 14:30 Direction: Krakow Center Departing from: Conference Venue Parking 14:00, 17:30, 17:50, 18:15

Visa issues

After a successful registration, you can request an invitation letter, which will ease your visa acquiring process. We can fax it to you or an appropriate embassy, which in most cases speeds up the process and often leads to obtaining a free of charge visa. If you’d like to receive an invitation letter, please mark it in the application form on the web site in a “notes” field and after registering send an e-mail to Andrew Targosz with additional info about the visa issuing process in your country including description of the invitation letter you need, data about the embassy (including phone and fax numbers, location, etc. We will not charge you for the invitation letter.


You can pay the conference attendance fee using either a credit card, a pay-pal account or using direct wire transfer to our account (You can find details here). There is also a possibility to pay the conference fee at the conference. In that case, you will be charged accordingly to the price list based on the day of your registration at the website. If you would like to pay the conference fee at the conference please inform us by putting that information in “notes” section of the application and by sending an e-mail to Andrew Targosz.


For more demanding:
  • Ibis” Krakow Center
  • Ostoya Palace Hotel” ***

  • For less demanding:
  • Hotel Fortuna” or „Hotel Fortuna Bis”
  • Orbis Cracovia
  • link to the webpage with accommodation near the city center

  • A map of proposed Hotels near the conference venue:
    Show CONFidence 2011 Hotele on a larger map

    Hackers’ Squad

    As at every CONFIdence, this year we will prepare a Hackers’ Squad, a place, where hackers from all over the world can meet, hack, and have fun. We will rent a huge part of a hostel near the conference location. You can book it during the registration for the conference.
    Details will be available soon.

    Prices in Poland

    Official currency in Poland is called “zloty”.Exchange rates:
    1 Euro = 4 Zloty
    1 USD = 3 Zloty

    Prices of some random stuff:

    1. Chocolate: 2,5 – 3,5zl (0,6 – 0.8 EUR)
    2. Mineral water (1,5 liter): 1,5 – 2,5zl (0,3 – 0.6 EUR)
    3. Bread: 2,5zl (0.6 EUR)
    4. Beer in a pub: 7 – 9zl (1,7 – 2,3 EUR)
    5. Whisky + coke in pub: 10 – 15zl (2,5 – 3,8 EUR)
    6. Fast food/Kebab: 10zl (2,5 EUR)
    7. Cigarettes – 7 – 11zl (1,6 – 2,6 EUR)
    8. Taxi in Cracow. From Main Market to the hoste/Conference venue: about 20zl (5EUR)
    9. Renting a flat in the city centre: 2000 zł (500 EUR)/month

    In most pubs, restaurants and in shops/shopping malls you can pay using a debit or a credit card. There is also plenty of exchange offices near the Main Market and in the old town.