Confidence - (24-25.05 2011 Krakow)
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Felix “FX” Lindner

Felix “FX” Lindner is the leader of the Phenoelit group and loves to hack pretty much everything with a CPU and some communication, preferably networked. He looks back at around thirteen years of (legal) hacking with only a couple Cisco IOS and SAP remote exploits, tools for hacking HP printers and protocol attacks lining the road.

In his day life, FX runs Recurity Labs GmbH, a security consulting and research company in Berlin, Germany.

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Building Custom Disassemblers

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The Reverse Engineer occasionally faces situations where even his most advanced commercial tools do not support the instruction set of an arcane CPU. To overcome this situation, one can develop the missing disassembler. This talk is meant to be a tutorial on how to approach the task, what to focus on first and what surprises one may be in for. The primary focus will be on the transformation of byte code back into mnemonic representation where only the reverse transformation is available (i.e. you have the respective assembler). It also covers how to integrate your new disassembler into your reverse engineering tool chain.

This tutorial talk will give:

  • An introduction to the problem
  • How to obtain byte code
  • Recognizing basic properties of the byte code
  • Finding Addressing Modes
  • Implementing a IDA Pro processor module
  • Reading code you are not supposed to.