Confidence - (24-25.05 2011 Krakow)
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Krzysztof Konkowski

Krzysztof Konkowski


Temat prezentacji:IPv6 Security demonstration

Język prezentacji:Polski

Abstrakt: In not so distant past IPv6 was considered as an “additional” technology, being slowly deployed by service providers and their customers. Many IPv6 security features were not threated mission critical, some were directly mapped from well-known IPv4 world.

With the last “normal” /8 blocks having been allocated to APNIC, service providers and equipment vendors expect a rapid acceleration of IPv6 deployment in next months.

IPv6 will become a common technology with all its pros and cons.

This session will be in form of demonstration and will concentrate on presenting live: - what works and what does not in IPv6 security compared to IPv4 world - how to secure the IPv6 network from potential network-layer attacks - what new security holes raise up with most common IPv6 configurations

Session is a continuation of last year lecture on IPv6 Security delivered by Lukasz Bromirski.