Confidence - (24-25.05 2011 Krakow)
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PROIDEA Foundation, CONFidence conference organizer

PROIDEA Foundation for Supporting IT Education is an independent, self-financing and non-profit organization. Founded in 2004 in response to growing demand for organizations communicating competently knowledge in the field of IT. PROIDEA pursues its objectives through the organization of professional IT trainings, as well as national and international IT conferences.
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PROIDEA Foundation apart from CONFidence organizes also:

Conference on networks and scalable solutions, addressed to the telecommunications operators, Internet services, cable televisions, content and networking providers, ISPs and vendors. PLNOG gathers around 400 participants and is held twice a year: once in Warsaw, once in Krakow.

Since 3 years the largest conference on Java in Poland, a meeting place for over 400 Java developers from across the Polish. Every year in October best experts from around the world come to Krakow and among them Bruce Eckel, Ted Neward, Bill Burke, Neal Ford, Mark Richards and Scott Davis.

Professional, technical developer conference designed for developers, project managers, and all students interested in programming. 4Developers brings together over 400 participants and nearly 40 speakers in 4 independent sessions: Java,. NET & C #, PHP, Project Management and IT. 4Developers is organized every year in March, in one of the beautiful Polish cities.

IT Trainings
PROIDEA Foundation has the status of the Cisco Academy and organizes courses such as Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA), Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP), Network Security (NS). PROIDEA also organizes professional, technical IT trainings tailored to the needs of its customers..